County Administrator Video Archive


Steve Mokrohisky and Anne Marie Levis, 10/3/14  
Steve Mokrohisky and Marsha Miller, 10/14/14
Steve Mokrohisky and Alicia Hays, 11/13/14
 Hayes Video
Steve Mokrokisky and Commissioner Jay Bozievich 1/15/15  Commissioner Bozievich Video
Steve Mokrohisky and George Russell 3/9/15
Steve Mokrohisky and Orin Schumacher, Roads Maintenance Manager 6/15/15    
 Roads Video
Steve Mokrohisky and Lane County Roads 9/8/15  Lane County Road Crew
Steve Mokrohisky and Park Ranger Todd Bowen 10/1/15
 Lane County Parks
Steve Mokrohisky and Youth Services' MLK Catering Program 12/16/15  MLK Catering Discussion
Steve Mokrohisky and Behavioral Health's Jeremy Jalabert and Sarah Salisbury 3/1/16  Behavioral Health Video
Proposed Fiscal Year 2016-17 Budget Overview, April 2016  Proposed Fiscal 16 17 Budget Video
Quamash Prairie with Chad Hoffman and students from Al Kennedy High School, June 2016

 Quamash Prairie Video
See how Lane County Elections processes ballots, October 2016  ballot video


Mt. Pisgah Limited Trail Closures -

The East Trailhead and parking area; Trail 46 between trails 2 and 6; and Trail 6 between the East Trailhead and Trail 56 remain closed.