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March 2018

Week of March 13/14, 2018

SECOND READING AND PUBLIC HEARING / ORDINANCE NO. 18-02/ In the Matter of Amending Lane Code Chapter 14 to Add, Revise, and Delete Definitions and Provisions to Modernize and Update the Entire Chapter; Amending Lane Code Chapters 10, 13, and 16 to Update References, Definitions, and Provisions for Consistency with Lane Code Chapter 14; And Adopting a Severability Clause.

​WORK SESSION: Citizen Initiative Process - Wednesday, March 14th.
WORK SESSION: Board Referral Process - Wednesday, March 14th

Week of March 20/21, 2018

FOURTH READING AND DELIBERATIONS / ORDINANCE NO. PA 1349/ In the Matter of Amending The Rural Comprehensive Plan To Redesignate Land From “Forest Land” To “Agricultural Land”, To Rezone Land From “Impacted Forest Land (F-2)” To “Exclusive Farm Use (E-40)”, And Adopting Savings And Severability Clauses (File 509-PA16-05160; Applicant: Mikilas) (PM & NBA 12/05/2017, 12/19/2017, 1/23/2018) (Amber Bell, Associate Planner)

Public Hearing for the Proposed Surrender of a Portion of Cleveland Street (County Road Number 1956) to the City of Cottage Grove (21-03-04). (Order sets Public Hearing for 03/20/18, estimate 15 minutes). (Mikeal J. Blommé, Lane County Surveyor) ​

April 2018

Week of April 3, 2018

Week of April 10, 2018

Week of April 17, 2018

May 2018

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Week of May 8, 2018

Week of May 15, 2018

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