Public Records Request

Lane County Government strives to provide access to information in a timely manner. Please see Quick Links for your records request. If not specifically listed, please complete a Public Records Request Form. Some fees may apply.

Frequently requested:

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Public Records Request Process

  • Please try to be specific about the public record(s) you are seeking. Asking for “any and all” documents relating to a particular subject or document can require a substantial investment of time and/or lead to a vast number of responsive documents. This can lead to substantial cost.
  • Lane County shall locate and assemble the record(s) requested, eliminating any records which are exempt from disclosure (ORS 192.410 to 192.505). Lane County shall charge a reasonable fee for the location, assemblage, copying, and review of the records as allowed under ORS 192.440.
  • If the estimated cost of locating, assembling, copying and reviewing the requested documents is less than $25, the department may proceed with completing the records request. The requestor must arrange payment of the balance due prior to receipt of the requested documents.
  • If the estimated cost exceeds $25, Lane County must provide an estimate to the requestor and stop any work on the request until payment is received in the estimated amount. If the requestor chooses to pay the estimated amount, work will be done in a reasonable amount of time. If the time and resources spent on the request exceed the estimated amount, the documents will be provided upon receipt of balance due.