Camp 99 to transition to beds at new Dawn to Dawn, other services

Camp 99 to transition to beds at new Dawn to Dawn, other services
Posted on 01/09/2019

Camp 99, which was established as a temporary site in October 2018, will transition on Monday, January 14, to more structured and accountable options. Campers will be offered help to transition to a more structured and sustainable shelter managed by St. Vincent De Paul a few blocks away.


To date, 37 of the individuals who have been staying at Camp 99 have signed up for the expanded Dawn to Dawn site and have begun to transfer to that location. The pilot Dawn to Dawn site adds 80 beds to the existing 115 beds at the adjacent Dusk to Dawn.


Camp 99 was originally established as a temporary location for 30–60 days. We are now past 60 days and increasing reports of violence among campers and negative interactions with neighbors, as well as at least one known fire and several overdoses have contributed to the decreasing safety of people in and around Camp 99.


Health concerns include increasing evidence of rodent activity in the camp, dog waste, the ease with which communicable diseases can spread in close quarters, and the continual piling of trash around the camp despite dumpster availability.


The current camp does not have the infrastructure or management support needed to sustain it as a safe and healthy place for the people it is serving over a longer period of time. In December 2018, officials notified campers that the camp would close and transition to other options in early January.


During the last several weeks, Lane County Environmental Health has made numerous visits to Camp 99 in order to evaluate the conditions within the camp. A resource fair was held to connect campers to social security benefits, SNAP benefits, other housing options, and medical treatment.


Additionally, Public Health has provided vaccinations and medical services; a contract with White Bird helped increase the availability of medical services during a two-week period. Each camper was encouraged to complete a triage survey intended to help identify the individual needs of campers and provide a platform to begin connecting campers with additional medical, behavioral and housing services.


Camp 99 will close at dusk on Monday, January 14. Officials will work with campers to ensure a smooth transition.


Lane County fully recognizes the need for enhanced services and housing in our community and is actively working with our community partners to find and create solutions. The County and City of Eugene have partnered to study logistics and locations for a public shelter. In addition, Lane County currently funds a Dusk to Dawn car camping location at its Behavioral Health campus and an Egan Warming Center location at Lane Events Center. Lane County is also working with Homes for Good to construct a 50-unit supportive housing complex near its Behavioral Health campus, and has offered $1.5 million in grants to support supportive, affordable housing projects across the community.



Camp 99 was established on October 27, 2018 as a temporary, alternate location for campers on the downtown Butterfly Lot property at 8th and Oak. Growing concerns regarding health and safety, as well as concerns from community members who are unable to access critical public services located downtown and the growing impact on downtown property owners, made the move necessary.