New parking pass app makes it easier, more convenient to visit Lane County parks

New parking pass app makes it easier, more convenient to visit Lane County parks
Posted on 01/25/2019

Lane County Parks is introducing Passport, a mobile app that will allow park visitors to quickly purchase a day pass to any of Lane County’s 68 parks. (iOS and Android)


“It is really important that we continue to look for ways to make it easier and more convenient to purchase the required passes,” said Park Manager Brett Henry. “Passport will allow visitors to quickly purchase a day pass using their phones – and if they know they’ll be out of service at the park itself they can take a few minutes to do it before they leave home. No more hunting for the kiosk or digging through car cup holders to find enough change.”


The app itself is free for users. Users create a profile that includes the vehicle license plate and payment information in order to pay on the go. Once purchased, a day pass is valid across all Lane County parks.


“The app will also help us gather better information about which parks receive the most visitors and use that data to make decisions about park improvements,” continued Henry. “Overall, we’re hoping to see less vandalism and theft of the fee tubes at several of our parks if most visitors move to using the mobile app.”


Lane County parks receive no support from property taxes. The day use and camping fees collected from park visitors make up the majority of the funding available to maintain and improve Lane County’s parks and open spaces.


Visitors can also purchase daily or annual parks passes online at Local retailers, including REI, Cabela’s and Bi-Mart, sell annual passes. Daily passes will continue to be available using cash where that option already exists in the parks.


Signs are currently in place at Armitage Park, Heceta Beach Park, Howard Buford Recreation Area (Mt. Pisgah), and Westlake Park.


Lane County Parks is the first park service in our area to offer a parking app option.