Hot off the press: Lane County offers free Recycle Guide

Hot off the press: Lane County offers free Recycle Guide
Posted on 02/19/2019

The Lane County Waste Management Division just released a new comprehensive Recycling Guide designed to help more residents and businesses access the wide array of recycling and waste reduction resources available in the community.  


The Guide provides tips to prevent waste, which saves money.  It describes free resources for schools and businesses and provides basic instructions for recycling both at the curb and at Lane County’s transfer stations. There are articles regarding illegal dumping, construction site recycling, and hard-to-recycle items such as fluorescent bulbs, paint, batteries and more.


Lane County’s 52.8 percent recovery rate (the highest in the state) was almost three percent higher than its recovery rate in 2016.  Lane County set a goal to reach a 63 percent recovery rate by 2025. 


“The numbers highlight our community’s understanding of the benefits of recycling,” said Jeff Orlandini, Waste Management Division manager. “This includes reducing greenhouse gas emissions and conserving water and forests – all things that protect our beautiful environment and what residents value. The increasing number is a reflection of all the efforts of residents and businesses to reduce their waste and recycle more.”


Pages 7–11 in the new Guide provide tips and websites for things like dish rentals to avoid buying disposable products, repair services, and reducing junk mail—just to name a few.


“While we are doing great recycling in Lane County, that alone will not get us to our goal,” said Orlandini. “We must help our community prevent the waste from occurring in the first place.”


Lane County encourages residents to continue to reduce, reuse and recycle whenever possible, and be sure to recycle right by following guidance from their county, city or garbage company. If in doubt about whether it is recyclable, find out by visiting, or leave it out. The online directory provides information on how to recycle or dispose of items in Lane County.


The Recycling Guides are available at all Lane County Transfer Stations. For businesses, community centers or individuals interested in larger quantities for distribution email or call 541-682-4339.