Emergency Management

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Patence Winningham

Patence Winningham-Melcher


Emergency Operations Plan
Emergency Operations Plan - 2017
Hazard Mitigation Plan
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Public Alerting System (AlertSense)

Emergency response officials throughout Lane County have access to a public alerting system.  The system can deliver alerts and warnings, and provide emergency instructions to the general public by automatically calling the landline phone numbers in an affected area. Once a public safety official determines that there is a need to alert at-risk citizens, he or she can request activation of the public alerting system through their dispatching agency.

Emergency Alert System (EAS)

The Emergency Alert System (EAS) is a system used here in the United States to help warn us of imminent danger to life and property. The system was put in place in 1997, replacing the old Emergency Broadcast System (EBS). The EAS broadcasts over various media such as radio, television, cable television, satellite radio and satellite television when there is an 3emergency.

The Communications Center of the Lane County Sheriff's Office is the agency that operates the Emergency Alert System for Lane County. If there is an impending emergency then a local public safety official can request through the Sheriff's Office that an emergency message be sent (broadcast) using the Emergency Alert System.

In addition to the Emergency Alert System being used for local emergencies, state and federal government agencies can also use the system. For example, the National Weather Service uses the EAS to send weather-related messages that reach Lane County citizens, but those messages are sent independent of the Sheriff's Office.