Impacts of Crime Class

This class teaches youth about:

  • The conditions that make up and affect our behavior;
  • Potential consequences of choices;
  • Recognizing and managing high-risk situations;
  • Taking advantage of positive situations;
  • Using self-talk as a filter;
  • Handling difficult emotions.

Is the class mandatory?

Yes, all youth who are charged with their first non- person-to-person misdemeanor are required to attend the class. Some youth may also be required to attend if the youth hasn’t completed the requirements for their first criminal misdemeanor and are involved with a subsequent.


When are classes held?

The classes occur every second and fourth Wednesday evening each month. Classes are often filled in advance. We do not maintain a waiting list.

Where is the class held?

Lane County Youth Services
Juvenile Justice Center
2727 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
Eugene, OR 97401

How long is the class?

The Impacts of Crime class is a one-time two and a half hour class held on Wednesday evenings from 6:00 to 8:30 pm. You must attend the entire class to earn credit.


How many people are in the class?

The class average is ten to fifteen youth and their parents.


Do I (the parent) have to be there for the class?

There is a parent portion of the class that we ask parents to attend. It is located at the same location as the youth portion of the class.


Do I need to register into a class, or can I just show up?

You must register into a class. Call Jane Backen at 541-729-7232 to schedule.


Who teaches the class?

The class is taught by Youth Services staff members that are knowledgeable and experienced working with youth who have received criminal referrals.


How much does the class cost?

There is no fee for the class.

What if my child and I have to cancel, reschedule, or don’t show for the class we are registered?

You will have to contact Youth Services and reschedule for a later class date.


Is there free parking?

Yes. Parking is available on the south side of the building.


Does my child have to take the class if they’ve taken it before?

No, upon subsequent referrals youth that have already completed the Impacts of Crime class do not have to attend again.


Do we need to bring anything?

Bring a sweater or other layered clothing. You may also wish to bring beverages or snacks. You must stay in the building during breaks, so be sure to bring everything you need with you when you first arrive. If you leave the building for any reason, you will not be allowed to return to class.


Is this all my child needs to do for their charge to be closed as complete?

Most youth assigned to the Impacts of Crime class are also required to complete 8 hours of community service with the YS Horticulture Crew. Some youth may also have requirements through YS diversion programs or through teen court. Speak with your Juvenile Justice Specialist as soon as possible to schedule. If you are unsure who your Juvenile Justice Specialist is, please call 541-682-4700.


Does my youth have to take the class before they can work with the Horticulture Crew?

No; community service can be completed first. Contact 541-682-4700 or your assigned Juvenile Justice Specialist to schedule.