About Us

Lane County Developmental Disabilities Services (DDS) is responsible for case management services for over 1,700 children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities living in Lane County. Lane County is the second largest county community developmental disabilities program in the state. 

​Within the division, case management services are separated into three distinct teams, older adult, high school transition, and children’s services. Services Coordinators on the older adult team (ages 25 and over) are charged with the ongoing responsibility of monitoring clients’ services in residential sites (foster care, group homes, and supported living) and those who live in their family homes with in-home support plans. Services Coordinators monitor the health and safety of these vulnerable individuals and ensure their individual support plans are being followed.

​The high school transition team was created in January 2016, and provides case management services for children and young adults ages 16-24. This team focuses on case management of transition from high school to post-secondary opportunities and employment services. They are responsible for monitoring health and safety, and ensuring that individuals are supported to meet their individualized support needs in order to be productive citizens of Lane County. 

​The children’s unit (ages birth - 15) is responsible for monitoring the health and safety of children with an intellectual and/or developmental disability who live in their family homes, foster care homes and other group home settings. Services for children who live in their family home focus on providing appropriate resources that support the child in their family home. The children’s team is now specializing in early childhood and school-age age groups. 

​Lane County DDS is responsible for many other duties including intake and eligibility determinations for every applicant interested in accessing services. DDS also includes a specialized team that acts as the designee of the State of Oregon in conducting investigations into allegations of abuse/neglect of adult individuals who are eligible for DDS services. DDS is also the designee of the state for licensure of both adult and children foster care homes.