Collard Lake Road

Collard Lake Road was reclassified from a Local Access Road (LAR) to a County-maintained road on September 10, 2019.

We would like to welcome Collard Lake Road residents and property owners. The staff at Lane County Road Maintenance is excited to work alongside the Collard Lake Road neighbors to maintain this important road.


During the next several months, Road Maintenance staff will be evaluating the Collard Lake Road right-of-way to identify potential issues on abutting properties that may affect regular maintenance or the greater integrity of the roadway and surrounding land. Water drainage is one example of an important area of focus to ensure the safety of the roadway and neighboring properties.

Maintenance Activities

Residents along Collard Lake Road can expect to see the following maintenance activities:

  • Ice and snow removal, sanding and magnesium chloride
  • Grass and brush mowing along right-of-way at the edge of the road (twice per year or as needed)
  • Street sweeping
  • Ditch re-shaping
  • Culvert inspection and replacement, as needed
  • Tree trimming
  • Asphalt concrete patching in select areas during the spring/summer of 2020

Required Permits

Adding items or developing within the Collard Lake Road right-of-way require permits from Lane County. Examples of activities that require a permit include: road improvements, sidewalks, new or reconstructed driveways, utility placement, excavation, clearing, grading, culvert placement or replacement, storm water facilities or any other facility, thing or appurtenance. (Lane Code Chapter 15, Section 15.205, Subsection 1)

Prohibited Activities

Activities prohibited within the Collard Lake Road right-of-way include landscaping and planting trees, landscape timbers, rocks, irrigation facilities, walls, gates, fencing, non-standard mailbox supports, stairways, and any other fixed object or barrier that has the potential of hindering the normal operation, maintenance, or use of the road. (Lane Code Chapter 15, Section 15.205, Subsection 2)

Road Rules and Regulations

Lane Code Chapter 15 contains the rules and regulations regarding work within and next to Lane County roads. Chapter 15 is available online.