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Lane County Budget

The purpose of Lane County’s budget is to provide the fiscal means to implement the community’s goals, as represented by the Budget Committee and the Board of County Commissioners. The Budget Committee is made up of five citizens-at-large (appointed by the Board), and the five County Commissioners. Oregon Revised Statutes determine the composition of the Budget Committee and establish the precise process that must be adhered to in order for the local government to collect taxes.
Lane County’s budget is governed by Oregon Statute. Oregon’s Local Budget Law (Chapter 294 of the Oregon Revised Statutes) does several things:

  • It establishes standard procedures for preparing, presenting and administering the budgets of Oregon’s local governments.
  • It encourages citizen involvement in the preparation of the budget before its formal adoption.
  • It provides a method of estimating revenues, expenditures and proposed taxes.
  • It offers a way of outlining the programs and services provided by local governments and the fiscal policy used to carry them out.

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