Wasted Food Prevention

Food is Money
Today, the United States spends over $218 billion – 1.3% of GDP – growing, processing, transporting, and disposing of food that is never eaten.

Each year, 52.4 million tons of food is sent to landfill, and an additional 10.1 million tons remains unharvested at farms, totaling roughly 63 million tons of annual waste. In Lane County alone, 45,987 tons gets sent to landfills and has the largest potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


Wasted food for residents

Want to do more to reduce food waste? Visit WasteWise Lane County's Eat Smart Waste Less site to sign up for tips on reducing food waste and saving money!

Composting is easy & impactful
Want to compost? Residents of Eugene, Springfield and Veneta can add food waste to their yard waste bins!

Are you afraid compost is too stinky? Or maybe you don't want vermin digging into your leftovers in your yard waste bin? Or you just don't think you have enough space on your counter? Check out these great ideas to address these common barriers. 

If you are seeking ways to address the climate crisis and save landfill space, composting is among the most effective and easy things you can do starting today.

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Businesses & Organizations

Wasted food for businesses

Food service businesses can take simple but effective steps to reduce food waste and improve the bottom line.

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Food service businesses can take simple but effective steps to reduce food waste and improve the bottom line.

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality’s “Wasted Food Wasted Money” campaign provides resources and information that can help food service businesses take meaningful steps to reduce their food waste and save money.

Hotel Kitchen also provides a toolkit to help employees of food service businesses reduce waste at various stages in the preparation and serving of food.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency also provides tools to help businesses prevent and divert wasted food. These tools include guides for assessing and analyzing where food waste occurs, calculators for measuring the cost competitiveness of alternatives to food waste disposal, training webinars and other resources.

Wasted Food Prevention Resources

Download the above image as a PDF to access the links.

Hear from your peers: Read how eight different restaurants, bakeries and breweries have found ways to minimize food waste through tracking, transforming trim into new ingredients, and educating customers.

Composting Food for Businesses

Help keep food scraps out of garbage, protect the environment, and put food scraps to better use creating compost and energy.


While there is much that can be done to prevent food waste through careful planning, purchasing, and preparation, there are always food scraps that cannot be prevented but have better uses than being tossed into the garbage.

Each year Lane County throws away 91 million pounds of food waste. Eugene and Springfield businesses can do their part to make sure food scraps get composted.

Visit Love Food Not Waste to learn more, or visit Sanipac's new commercial compost program

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 Read nine reasons why Oregon-based composting facilities Do NOT want "compostable" packaging and serviceware in food waste. Learn how these materials are compromising the health of compost and reducing the environmental benefits of creating nutrient-rich, quality product.

Donating Food for Businesses

Join the many area grocers, restaurants, caterers and food service companies that are helping people who experience hunger.

Food For Lane County

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While steps can be taken to plan and prepare food carefully, sometimes leftovers and unused ingredients are inevitable. Food banks, pantries and meal sites can take some donations.

- To donate food to Food for Lane County, email here.

- To donate food to Burrito Brigade, email here.

- To donate to The Eugene Mission, click here.