Spay/Neuter Voucher Program


How Do I Qualify & Apply?

Lane County has an enormous pet overpopulation problem. Plus, the expense of having pets altered can be very prohibitive to low income citizens. In response to this need LCAS created the Spay/Neuter Voucher Program.

When funds are available, LCAS may be able to assist qualified pet owners with $100.00 vouchers to be used towards the spaying or neutering of their cat or dog at approved veterinary clinics. Qualifying residents must live in the unincorporated areas (outside city limits) of Lane County.

Qualified applicants may be awarded up to one voucher for dogs and one for cats per household per year when funds are available.

Funding for this program comes from a percentage of Lane County license sales and through donations from the public.

Applications are available at LCAS, the LCAS website, or participating veterinarian clinics.  All applications are to be submitted directly to the participating veterinarian clinic for processing.

Applicants will receive a free one year dog license after their dog is spayed or neutered.

This program does not offer services for feral cats.

Applicant’s Process

  1. Contact a participating veterinarian’s office to fill out an Application for Spay or Neuter Assistance.
  2. To qualify for the voucher program, the applicant's gross income must not exceed twice the Poverty Guidelines listed below. By signing the application, the applicant is certifying that the information provided is true and accurate.
  3. Proof of income is not required.
  4. Applicant must be the owner of the pet.
  5. If proof of a current rabies vaccination for a dog can’t be provided at the time of service, the owner must provide proof to LCAS within 90 days. 
Veterinarian’s Process 
  1. Vet verifies applicant lives in our jurisdiction by utilizing one of the following methods:
    • Go to the LCAS website ePets (online) license page and enter clients address.  If applicant doesn’t live in our jurisdiction, the system will display a prompt in red that says “Address is not in our licensing jurisdiction.”
    • Call LCAS and ask for staff assistance.
  2. Vet provides applicant an application for spay or neuter assistance.
  3. Provide dog owner applicants a dog license application.
  4. Review application to ensure it is complete, accurate, and the applicant qualifies for the service.
  5. Remind client that a current rabies vaccination must be provided to LCAS within 90 days.
  6. Schedule an appointment for the pet’s surgery.
  7. After service is provided, submit the following to LCAS:
    • Client’s original application (will be used as the invoice for reimbursement purposes).
    • Proof of services. Attach the receipt with date and amount paid to the application.
    • The copy of rabies and/or dog license application if applicable. License vendors may choose to write the dog name and license number on the voucher application and submit the original license application to LCAS with their monthly license sales report.
    • Fill out the information at the bottom of the application in the box titled **For Official Use Only**.
  8. Veterinary clinics must be in current compliance with Lane Code 7.088, current transmitted copies of rabies vaccination certificate, in order to participate in this program.  This code applies to clinics that are located in the unincorporated areas of Lane County or the city limits of Eugene.

Applicants can obtain an application from any participating veterinarian or it can be found at the bottom left corner of our home page.
 CLICK for spay/neuter voucher application

CLICK for participating Veterinarians and Humane Societies

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Qualifying Income Guidelines:


Persons in family/household

Income guideline

Qualifying Amount

























For families with more than 8 persons, add $10,280 for each additional person

Remember to Love, License and Spay/Neuter Your Pet!

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