Property Divisions and Consolidations

Lot line adjustments, divisions and consolidations involve processing property transactions that result in changes in existing property boundaries and creation of new land parcels. Existing property tax accounts are revalued, Assessor's Maps are updated and new accounts established to reflect these changes. Relevant transactions also include lands deeded from private parties for public roads, vacations of public right of ways or new subdivision plats and partition plats. Property owners may also request that adjoining parcels under common ownership be consolidated into one entity provided certain requirements are met. 

Our office strives to have the tax statements reflect all changes to property recorded prior to July 1st.  If tax statements are not up to date, our office can provide a proration or estimate of taxes in lieu of completion of the process. Proration and consolidation request forms are available on our website. Requests or questions can be submitted by e-mail to Lane County, by telephone, or in person at our office.