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Lane County District Attorney
125 E 8th Ave, Room 400
Eugene, OR 97401

541- 682-4523
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8:00am -  5:00pm

Lori Silano
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The Victim Services Program has provided services to victims of crime since 1985.  The program utilizes volunteers assigned to the court advocacy unit, the protective order unit and the family violence unit.  The goal of the program is to provide comprehensive services to crime victims involved in the criminal justice system, who have a case that is being prosecuted by the District Attorney's Office. 

We're Recruiting for Volunteers! Deadline extended to March 22nd
Victim Services Recruiting

Información en Español

Para obtener información sobre órdenes protectivas contactese con Zarai Flores.

Llame y deje su mensaje al 541-682-3912 o por correo electrónico



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Victim Rights Request Form

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