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Lane County Sheriff's Office
125 E. 8th Avenue

Eugene, OR 97401


Police Services Administrative Offices 541-682-4150 (Press 4, 3)

Office Hours
8:00am - 5:00pm

Captain Mann
Captain DJ Mann



The Mission

The overarching mission of the Police Services Division is to serve by consistently earning public trust in law enforcement, crime prevention, mandated and emergency services, commensurate with the level of resources available.


Police Services Division consists of patrol services, courthouse security and prisoner transport, criminal investigations, K-9 unit, and contract services which includes marine patrol, dunes patrol, and patrol of BLM lands.  The Sheriff's Office also contracts patrol services to the cities of Veneta and Creswell.

Police Services Division command is staffed by a captain, two lieutenants and an administrative assistant, working in collaboration with section leaders.

County Patrol

Patrol deputies respond to emergency calls for police services and protect the lives and property of Lane County residents and visitors through the investigation of crimes and the apprehension of persons who commit crimes. In addition to responding to in-progress crimes, deputies:Patrol car on a bridge

  • Conduct criminal investigations
  • Take crime reports
  • Apprehend offenders
  • Conduct patrol checks
  • Investigate injury and fatal traffic collisions
  • Respond to and investigate domestic and dispute situations
  • Provide civil standby services
  • Service of civil and criminal court documents
  • Conduct limited traffic enforcement on County roadways
  • Provide mutual aid to other agencies and jurisdictions as requested.

Marine Patrol

The Lane County Sheriff's Office covers an area of 4,620 square miles. Marine Patrol DS ChurchillWithin the county's jurisdiction are over 40 lakes, five navigable rivers and streams, and coastal waters in the Pacific Ocean reaching out three miles that border the 32 mile long county coastline. Lane County Sheriff's Marine deputies are certified law enforcement patrol deputies. They receive additional training and certification as Marine Law Enforcement Officers by attending special training academies conducted by the State Marine Board.

Oregon Dunes Patrol

The Sheriff's Oregon Dunes Patrol is funded by the Oregon State Parks and Recreation Department's ATV Fund and federal reimbursements to Lane County. This unit provides  law enforcement, emergency medical response, search & rescue, and public education services to visitors frequenting this beautiful recreation area. Trained reserve deputies routinely assist on weekends, holidays and with special events.

The Dunes Patrol works in close cooperation with US Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, United States Coast Guard, Siuslaw Valley Fire & Rescue, Western Lane Ambulance, City of Florence Police Department, and the Oregon State Police in providing emergency services to the special access areas of the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area and the Joshua Dunes (near Florence) encompass.  

Contracted Services

Contracts with state, federal, and municipal agencies provide professional law enforcement to those entities that do not have independent or local law enforcement capability.  The lieutenant is responsible for administration and coordination of contracts.  Additional responsibilities include on-call response to major police incidents and incident command functions as required.  Contractual agreements for law enforcement services include: 

  • City of Veneta
  • City of Creswell
  • Oregon Marine Board for Marine Patrol
  • State Parks Dunes Patrol  
  • Bureau of Land Management 
  • Miscellaneous Special Events


Criminal Investigations Section (CIS)

The detective function is a vital element in the Sheriff's law enforcement plan for Lane County. The Criminal Investigation Section (CIS) is focused on violent crimes (homicide, rape, felony assault and sexual crimes against children) which require extensive follow-up for successful prosecution. This section unit consists of five detectives, and a detective sergeant assigned to investigate violent crime.  One detective is assigned to collaborate with DA's Office on Domestic Violence cases.  Working as a unit, CIS has been extremely successful in bringing violent criminals to justice. 

K9 Unit

Police K-9 Units posses specialized skills that require constant training and certification.  Deputy handlers and their canine partners initially receive 240 hours of training through a basic academy and each year, teams are required to pass the OPCA (Oregon Police Canine Association) standards testing to remain eligible to serve.  In addition, K-9 Units are required to complete a minimum of 16 hours of formal training each month to maintain skills and strengthen the relationship between dog and handler.   

The Lane County Sheriff's Office currently has two K-9 Units in service.   Both of the Sheriff's Office K-9s live with their deputy handlers.  Food, veterinary care, and equipment for the dogs are provided through generous donations from members of our community as well as local fundraisers. 

For additional information, to make a donation, and to purchase K-9 merchandise visit the K-9 Unit page.  

Courthouse Security and Prisoner Transport

The Court Transportation unit provides mandated security for transporting and monitoring prisoners to and from the jail, courts, other jurisdictions, various medical appointments and other correctional institutions. They provide security throughout the courthouse during normal business hours,assist with basic county law enforcement functions to include investigations of crimes, warrant arrests and answering law enforcement-related questions from the public.

Citizen Ride-Along Program

The Lane County Sheriff’s Office Citizen Ride-Along Program is part of an on-going effort to bring the Sheriff’s Office and the community closer together.  This program allows interested community members an opportunity to ride with a Deputy Sheriff during a portion of his/her regular shift.  Prior to approval, a criminal background check will be completed.  Any record revealed will be reviewed per Lane County Sheriff’s Office policy. To view restrictions/requirements and apply please see ride waiver and application.

1033 Program

The 1033 Program is a Department of Defense program that allows federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies the ability to acquire excess property turned in by U.S. military units.  Types of property that can be requested through the program range from generic office furniture, computers, medical items and shop equipment to military-specific equipment and vehicles.  Agencies are required to pay for shipping and any repair costs of equipment, but there is no purchase cost for the equipment.    It is managed by the Law Enforcement Support Office (LESO) which continues to make improvements for efficiency, cost effectiveness, transparency, and inventory control. 

For more information about the 1033 Program please visit the Defense Logistics Agency website: 1033 Program FAQs

LCSO 1033 Requests:
1033 request 4.11.2022.pdf