Protecting Your Property & Use of Deadly Force

Sheriff's Office BadgeImportant Information for Concealed Handgun License Holders Oregon Law and Protecting Your Personal Property

The Lane County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for issuing  Concealed Handgun Licenses to County residents. Requirements are set by the State of Oregon and are outlined in the Oregon Revised Statutes.

When it comes to protecting your personal property, Oregon law is very specific about when an individual may use deadly force. While other states may allow taking the life of another person or “using deadly force” to protect your property,  Oregon does not. Oregon law states:

161.229 Use of physical force in defense of property. A person is justified in using physical force, other than deadly physical force, upon another person when  and  to  the  extent  that  the  person  reasonably  believes  it  to  be necessary to prevent or terminate the commission or attempted commission by the other person of theft or criminal mischief of property.

Oregon Statutes related to concealed handgun licenses can be found at ORS 166.

Additional information on Oregon laws governing the use of deadly force can be found at:  Sections 161.209 to 161.229

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