Adverse Childhood Experiences in Lane County

Behavioral Health - The Child and Adolescent Program (CAP) is focused entirely on helping children and families. They conduct screening and referral services, assessments, counseling, psychiatry, child and family team meetings, care coordination, level of needs determination, crisis intervention, skills training, behavioral support, parent training and support, groups and individual therapy.

The Adult Program focuses on clinical care and reduces the impact of ACEs by improving the lives of adults that have ACEs in their history.

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Prevention Lane, Lane County Public Health
 – To reduce the impact of traumatic events and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and increase mental wellness, we need to:

  • Increase our understanding and awareness of trauma and ACEs
  • Provide trauma-informed care and services
  • Increase parent/guardian/family support and education
  • Invest in prevention and resiliency practices and programs
  • Develop nurturing, resilient and trauma-informed communities

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