Report a Water Hazard; Get a Boat Inspection

Sheriff's Office BadgeProblem Waterways  - Hazards and Advisories

For advisories reported to the Oregon State Marine Board, visit the Navigation Hazards information site.

Please note: other waterway hazards may and do exist - users are cautioned to seek all available safety information prior to waterway use.

Boat Inspections

Contact the Lane County Sheriff’s Office Marine Patrol at (541) 682-8995 to make an appointment for an inspection.

Some boats in Oregon require an inspection by a marine law enforcement officer before they can be titled and registered, including home-built boats never titled or registered in Oregon or any other state.

The Marine Board, upon receiving your Application for Boat Title, determines whether your boat needs to be inspected. If so, the Board will notify you in writing and will provide you with a list of contacts for the inspection.