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What is a Precinct Committeeperson (PCP)?

A precinct committeeperson is an elected representative of each major political party within a precinct. One PCP is elected for every 250 voters within a precinct. (ORS 248.015)

When are Precinct Committeepersons elected?
PCPs are elected every two years, in the even-year May Primary Election. You must receive at least three votes to win. (ORS 248.015(5))

What is a Precinct Committeeperson’s term of office?
The term of office is two years, from the 24th day after the date of the primary election until the 24th day after the date of the next following primary election. (ORS 248.015(6))

What are the qualifications to run for Precinct Committeeperson?
You must be a member of the major political party you are running for PCP in for at least 180 days before the filing deadline (ORS 249.046), and you must reside in the precinct for at least 251 days before the primary election. (ORS 248.015(1))

Do I have to run in the precinct where I am registered?
No. You can run in either the precinct where you are registered, an adjacent precinct, or a precinct within the same county and state representative district where you are registered. (ORS 248.015(2))

Can I be appointed to serve as a Precinct Committeeperson?
Yes. Vacant PCP positions may be filled by appointment of the chairperson of the party’s central committee. The chairperson must provide written notice of the appointment to Lane County Elections. Elections staff then verify that the appointee is qualified to serve and notify both the party and the appointed person. (ORS 248.026)

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