Accessible Voting Options

Last updated August 8 2022

Alternative Format Ballot
Voters with disabilities can request an Alternative Format Ballot (AFB). The alternative format ballot is a voting tool that allows voters with disabilities who are unable to mark a printed ballot to vote privately and independently at home.  Using the alternative format ballot requires voters to have or have access to a computer with a web browser and printer.

Large Print Ballot
Voters who are sight impaired may request a large print ballot be mailed to them.

Assistance in Voting
ORS 254.445 and Oregon Vote-by-Mail Manual (Pg 27)
Upon request, an elector is entitled to receive the assistance of two persons of different parties or by some other person chosen by the elector.


A person may not assist an elector if the person is:

  • an employer of the elector or an agent of the employer; or
  • an officer or agent of the union of which the elector is a member.

Elector must be able to convey their choices to the person(s) assisting.


Upon request from an elector, there are various locations where elections personnel may provide assistance.  This includes: the voter's home, the elections office, dropsite location, community service center, senior center or assisted living facility.


Lane County Elections would appreciate as much advance notice as possible if a voter requires  assistance outside the elections office.

Difficulty in Signing
If an elector has difficulty signing their ballot, on either a temporary or permanent basis, they have the option of completing an updated voter registration card and a Signature Attestation Form. This allows a signature stamp or other indicator used by the voter to represent the voter’s signature on any election document.


The signature stamp, or other indicator, used by the voter to represent their signature shall be the same stamp, or other indicator, used by the voter to represent their signature on the attestation form and their registration card.


Any changes to the voter's registration require completion of a new attestation form and voter registration card.


Oregon Law does not permit a spouse, caretaker, or someone with a power of attorney to sign or vote on behalf of a voter. The voter has to be able to convey their choices to the person(s) assisting and the voter has to make their own signature mark.


Any Lane County voter who wishes to request an alternative format ballot by email, or in large print form may do so upon request.  Voters may also receive assistance by accessing the computer station in the elections office, or by calling (541) 682-4234.

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