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Use the Citizen Self Report On-Line Form for property crimes and misdemeanor person crimes occurring within the unincorporated county,  Creswell and Veneta with or without suspect information. This form IS NOT for reporting crimes such as robbery, assault with serious injury, sex crimes, stolen vehicles crimes that include the use or theft of firearms, or violation of restraining/stalking orders. If you want to report these types of incidents, please contact our dispatch center at  541-682-4150 option 1.  

Citizen Self-Report Form (pdf) is provided for those that would rather print the form and mail it in.  Should you choose the online option, please review the tab below titled Information for Crime Victims.




Under Oregon law, you have the right to...
   A support person
   A meaningful role in the justice process
   Dignity and respect
   Fair and impartial treatment 
   Reasonable protection

If the state pursues criminal prosecution, you have the right to...
Request certain conviction, criminal history and imprisonment and release information
Speak at any pretrial release hearing
Keep your phone number and address from the defendant
Request an HIV test of the defendant if the crime involves transmission of body fluids
Request notice of critical court proceedings before they take place.  You may attend open court proceedings even if you don’t ask to beforehand
Request that the district attorney consult you about a plea offer in a violent felony case
Request a copy of transcript of open court proceedings (at your expense)
Have the court consider your schedule if a trial date is set
Choose to give or to refuse to give information to an attorney or private investigator working for the defendant or alleged youth offender
You may have other rights if you are a crime victim...
Who is an immigrant to the United States
Of family, elder, or disabled person abuse
Of sexual assault
Of stalking
Of other crimes
If the alleged youth offender or defendant is convicted, you have a right to...
Be present at sentencing or disposition and to give a victim impact  statement 
Receive prompt restitution

Your right to justice includes the right to apply for financial help if you were injured as the result of a crime or you were related to a deceased victim. To apply, contact: Crime Victims’ Compensation Program 1-800-503-7983

Complete information regarding your rights as a victim may be obtained from the Lane County District Attorney’s Victim Services Program, which provides assistance, criminal and juvenile justice education and emotional support.  The number is (541) 682-4523. For general information go to

A person who is arrested and taken into custody will appear in court at the Lane County Jail at 1:30 pm the following business day, unless they are released.  To be notified of the defendant’s release, contact the Pretrial Release Office at (541) 682-4201 and the VINE program at 1-877-674-8463.  For juvenile offender release information, call (541) 682-4700. 

IF YOU ARE THE VICTIM OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, you can ask the district attorney to file a criminal complaint.  You also have the right to go to the circuit court and file a petition requesting any of the following orders for relief:
An order restraining your abuser from abusing you
An order directing your abuser to leave your household
An order preventing your abuser from entering your residence, school, business or place of employment
An order awarding you or the other parent custody of or parenting time with a minor child or children
An order restraining your abuser from molesting or interfering with minor children in your custody
An order awarding you other relief the court considers necessary to provide for your or your children’s safety, including emergency monetary assistance

For further information on restraining orders, contact the Victim Services Program, Lane County Courthouse, Eugene, (541) 682-4523.   A Judge is available to hear petitions every business day at 10 am.  Please be at Victim Services by 8:30am Monday thru Friday, if you would like assistance with the required paperwork.   

Hope and Safety Alliance (Shelter and Hotline)--------------- 541-485-6513
Siuslaw Outreach Services----------------------------------------- 541-997-2816
Sexual Assault Support Services ----------------------------------541-484-9791


Bajo la ley orgánica de Oregon usted tiene derecho a...
   Una persona de apoyo
   Un papel significativo en el proceso de justicia
   Dignidad y respeto
   Trato justo e imparcial 
   Protección razonable
Si el estado persigue procesamiento penal, usted tiene el derecho a...
Solicitar cierta información del fallo condenatorio, historia penal, información del encarcelamiento y la liberación del acusado
Hablar en cualquier audiencia preparatoria de liberación
Mantener confidencial del acusado su numero de teléfono y dirección
Solicitar un examen de VIH del acusado si el delito envuelve trasmisión de fluidos corporales
Solicitar notificación de procedimientos críticos de los  tribunales antes de que tomen lugar.  Usted puede presentarse a los procedimientos abiertos de los tribunales aún si usted no solicitó previa notificación.
Solicitar que la Fiscalía del condado consulte con usted la oferta de declaración en el caso de un delito violento.
Solicitar transcripciones de los procedimientos abiertos de los tribunales (por su cuenta)
Hacer que los tribunales consideren su horario para programar una fecha para el juicio.
Decidir si usted quiere dar o rehusarse a dar información a un abogado o investigador privado que trabaja para el acusado o el presunto ofensor juvenil.
Usted puede tener otros derechos si usted es una victima...
Inmigrante en los Estados Unidos
De abuso familiar, de ancianos o de personas discapacitadas
De asalto sexual
De acoso
De otros crímenes
Si el presunto ofensor juvenil o acusado es encontrado culpable, usted tiene el derecho a...
Estar presente en la audiencia de sentencia o disposición y dar una declaración del impacto de la víctima
Recibir pronta restitución 
Su derecho a recibir justicia incluye el derecho a solicitar ayuda financiera si usted fue lesionado como resultado de un delito o si usted fuese dependiente de una víctima fallecida.  Para solicitar, contacte: Programa de Compensación para Víctimas del Crimen # 1-800-503-7983

Información completa con respecto a sus derechos como víctima puede ser conseguida en La Oficina de Servicios a Víctimas de la Fiscalía del Condado de Lane que provee con asistencia, educación con respecto al proceso de justicia penal y juvenil  y apoyo emocional.  El número es (541) 682-4523.  Para información general visite la pagina de Internet

Una persona que es arrestada y llevada bajo custodia  comparecerá ante los tribunales en la  Penitenciaria del Condado de Lane a la 1:30pm del siguiente día de negocios, a menos que sea liberada.  Para ser notificado (a) de la liberación de un acusado (a) contacte a la Oficina de Liberación Provisional al (541) 682-4201  y el programa VINE al 1-877-674-8463.  Para información de la liberación de un ofensor juvenil, llame al (541) 682-4700.
SI USTED ES VÍCTIMA DE VIOLENCIA DOMESTICA, usted puede pedirle al fiscal documentar una queja criminal.  Usted también tiene el derecho de ir a los tribunales y documentar una petición solicitando cualquiera de las siguientes ordenes de alivio:
Una orden que restrinja a su atacante de que la (o) abuse
Una orden que le ordene a su atacante que abandone su hogar
Una orden que le impida a su atacante entrar a su residencia, escuela, negocio o lugar de empleo
Una orden otorgándole a usted o al otro padre la custodia o tiempo para padres con un niño a niños menores de edad
Una orden restringiendo a su atacante de molestar o interferir con los hijos menores bajo su custodia 
Una orden que le otorgue otro tipo de ayuda que los tribunales consideren necesaria para proveerle con seguridad para usted y sus hijos incluyendo asistencia monetaria de emergencia
Para mas información de todos los tipos de ordenes protectivas, contacte al Programa de Servicios a Víctimas en la Corte del Condado de Lane, Eugene, 682-4523.   Un juez está disponible para escuchar peticiones cada día de negocios a las 10am.  Favor de presentarse en la Oficina de Servicios a Víctimas a las 8:30am, Lunes, Miércoles, Viernes, si usted desea  asistencia con el papeleo requerido.

Favor de llevar a sus hijos al Centro de Niños Primero (anteriormente conocido como Centro de Asistencia a Niños), a la 1:30pm al siguiente día de negocios que se localiza en 2675  Martin Luther King Blvd. Eugene, OR 97401.  541-682-3938 

Hope and Safety Alliance (refugio y recurso para mujeres maltratadas) 541-485-8232
Número de Crisis 541-485-6513
Centro para Mujeres del Área de Siuslaw            541-997-2816

I got an email or telephone call that must be a scam. Who should I notify?

Report potential email and telephone scams to the Oregon Attorney General’s Office at 1-877-877-9392. The Oregon Attorney General’s website lists important information about scams, identity theft, lemon laws, etc. You can also sign up for email alerts as part of the Oregon Scam Alert Network, as well as file consumer complaints on their website.

I received a call or card in the mail soliciting donations. How do I know if this is a legitimate fundraiser?

You can investigate the legitimacy of a charitable organization, as well as how much of the donated funds are used for the charitable cause by visiting websites such as Charity Navigator, GuideStar, or the Oregon Department of Justice.

What do I need to do if I want to press charges against someone?

You must first file a police report in the jurisdiction within which the crime occurred.  For incidents that occurred in unincorporated Lane County, contact our Dispatch Center at 541-682-4150 option 1. For incidents that occurred inside city limits, you should contact that city’s police department.


For incidents that don’t have a location, such as identity theft, or internet fraud, contact the police agency that has jurisdiction over your residence address.

How do I find information about outstanding warrants? What should I do if I know the location of someone wanted by law enforcement?

Warrants information is not considered to be public information.  Therefore, phone inquiries will not be answered about wanted status.  If you want to check whether you have an outstanding warrant, present yourself at our Central Reception along with identification, such as a driver’s license. If you believe someone is wanted and you know his or her location, contact our Dispatch Center at 541-682-4150 option 1. Although Dispatch will neither confirm nor deny wanted status, our Communications Officers will take your information and do appropriate follow-up.

A house is vacant next door and we suspect that there may be unwanted and unauthorized occupants using the residence, but we are unable to locate or contact the owner of the home. Who should we call?

Contact the Lane County Land Management Code Enforcement at (541) 682-3724. The Code Enforcement Program enforces Lane County’s nuisance ordinances by responding to and investigating reports and inquiries from the public.

The Sheriff’s Office can only enforce trespass complaints on private property if the complaint is made by the property owner or the party responsible for the property. If an arrest is made, we must show that we acted on the authority of the property owner.

Someone towed a vehicle and left it on the street/across the road in a field/in their driveway and it’s leaking fluids/is an eyesore/hasn’t moved for months. What do I do?

If you are in the county, and the vehicle is parked in an appropriate location on the street, and has no flat tires, is not up on blocks, appears to be in running order, and the tags are current, it is considered legally parked. However, if the vehicle is in disrepair, is leaking fluids, does not have current registration tags, or otherwise appears to be abandoned, contact the Lane County Weighmaster at 541-682-4150 option 1 to report the location and description of the vehicle, including the license plate information. 

Who enforces the noise ordinance?

Lane County Land Management currently enforces the county noise ordinance. For further information, contact their Compliance Officer at 541-682-3724.

I found personal property, what should I do?

Money or goods valued at less than $250 -  If the item has a serial number, or other identifying marks, contact our Police Records Unit, 541-682-3775 in order to run those numbers through our local/state/national computer systems.  Once you have made a good faith effort to find the owner and/or determine if the item was stolen, you are free to dispose of property valued at under $250 as you see fit.  Due to space and staffing issues, our department is not currently picking up these items for disposal.


This DOES NOT apply to any firearm despite condition when found, to items which may have been used in the commission of a crime, or items that were obviously stolen during a crime, such as a safe with the door pried open.  Please report these kinds of items to our Dispatch Center at 541-682-4150 option 1.

Money of goods valued at $250 or more – See ORS 98.005 Rights and duties of finder of money or goods.

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