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Did you have property damage from the ice storm?
Property taxes on real property that has experienced a casualty loss due to either an “Act of God” or a fire during the tax year may be eligible for a reduction of tax – referred to as a "proration of tax." This property tax relief applies to significant damage to taxable structures (homes and businesses) – not personal property, such as vehicles and building contents. 
Property owners are encouraged to file applications for property tax relief as soon as possible to assist in accurately determining real property damage. The law requires that the application for proration of property taxes be submitted to the Assessment and Taxation Office no later than the end of the tax year in which the damage or destruction occurs or 60 days after the date the property was damaged or destroyed, whichever is later. If property was damaged or destroyed by the recent storm, property owners must file an application for proration by June 30, 2017. 

Proration Application

The purpose of Assessment and Taxation is to appraise property, to calculate, collect and distribute taxes, and to provide related information to the public in a manner that merits the highest degree of confidence in our integrity, efficiency, and fairness. We are a broad service organization mandated by the Oregon Constitution and Oregon law and collect revenue for 83 taxing jurisdictions, including local governments, schools, and special districts that provide essential public services for the citizens of Lane County.

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