Animal Services

To Contact Lane County Animal Services call:  541-682-3645

Mission Statement

To ensure public and animal health, safety, and quality of life within our community; and bringing about and maintaining an environment in which people and animals can live harmoniously.
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 LCAS doesn't provide services inside incorporated city limits.  For service within Eugene, please call the City of Eugene's Animal Services
at (541) 687-4060 or visit their website:
 Eugene Animal Services.

In Springfield please call Springfield Animal Control at (541)726-3634 or visit their website: City of Springfield.
For all other cities please click view other cities.
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Contact Us

Address:  3050 N Delta Hwy, Eugene, OR 97408
Phone: 541-682-3645
Fax: 541-682-2009
E-mail us:  Click here

Office Hours:  Monday-Friday 09:00am-4:00pm
Closed Saturday, Sunday & Designated Holidays

Manager:  Michael Johns
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Services We Provide

For an emergency call:  (541)682-3645 and press 1
For non-emergencies call:  (541)682-3645 or email us.  Note:  e-mails are public record and subject to public records request per ORS192.410.

Lane County Animal Services provides the following services:

  • Dog at large – officer initiated / in traffic and/or aggressive - (subject to time constraints - officer availability)
  • Abuse / Neglect complaints
  • Dangerous Behavior Class A formal or PR
  • Dangerous Behavior - Fail to comply (all levels)
  • Injured / sick severe (imminent danger of dying)
  • Abandonment – based on circumstances
  • PR (public relation) contacts by phone or in person which may include education, follow-up, and useful tools for resolve
  • Licensing – will be handled by the Officer during the time of contact for services we provide

Due to reduced funds and staff, Lane County Animal Services is unable to provide field/code enforcement services for the following:  

  • Dog at large pick-up – not in traffic or aggressive
  • Dog at large formal complaints
  • Barking complaints
  • Confined stray dog/cat pick-up
  • Solid Waste complaints
  • Dangerous Behavior – lower levels (PR contact only)
  • License complaints to give your testimony.

Click here for additional information on LCAS services.


We have contracted with Greenhill Humane Society to provide shelter and adoption services. If you need service regarding lost or found reporting, adoptions, or volunteer & foster, please call the 1st Ave. Shelter for those services at (541) 844-1777.

For info about Greenhill Humane Society, click here

Low Cost Spay and Neuter Clinics

There are several low cost veterinary clinics in Lane County which assist homeless and low-income pet owners.  Click here for the Community Veterinary Center and here for Pro-Bone-O (homeless only).

City of Eugene Spay & Neuter Clinic 
Web link: click here
3970 West 1st Ave, Eugene, OR 97402
Phone: 541-682-3643

Class  Female  Male
 1 - 25 lbs  $100  $95
 26 - 50 lbs  $110  $105
 51 - 75 lbs  $130  $115
 76 - 100 lbs  $140  $125
   $70  $55

WAG - Willamette Animal Guild
Web link: click here
3045 Royal Ave, Eugene OR 97402
Phone: 541-345-3566

Class  Female  Male
 1 - 25 lbs  $76  $76
 25 - 50 lbs  $78  $78
 Over 50 lbs  $93  $93
   $50  $40

Greehill Humane Society Spay/Neuter Clinic
Web link: click here
88530 Green Hill Rd, Eugene OR 97402
Phone: 541-689-1503

 For more information, please review GHS website.

Off Leash Dog Parks

Armitage Park
Coburg Road

Alton Baker Park

Between Community Gardens and Research Center

Amazon Park
Near Skateboard Area

Candlelight Park
Candlelight and Royal

Morse Ranch
Crest Drive and Lincoln Street
East Pasture....
    Wooded Area IS NOT Off-Leash!

Howard Buford Recreation Area (Mt. Pisgah)
Dogs must be kept on a leash no longer than 6ft. in length on Trails 1 & 2.  On all other trails dogs must be under the owners voice command (Lane Code 6.540). 

Dog owners are required to abide by park and animal control rules including the following:
  • Dogs must be vaccinated, licensed, and license must be displayed on the dog.
  • Solid waste must be removed immediately (Lane Code 6.585).
  • Female dogs in heat are not allowed.
  • Dogs must be leashed when ENTERING and LEAVING the park.
  • Dogs must be under control at all times.