Parole & Probation- Training & Development

In-service training is separated into required training, determined by job description, and optional training which includes everything from specific computer training offered through Lane County to career development.

Due to the nature of parole and probation work, emphasis is placed on Defensive Tactics, Firearms Training, and Confrontational Simulation Training. Probation & Parole Officers are required to maintain their First Aid & CPR training along with Bloodborne Pathogen training.   All armed officers are required to re-qualify with their duty weapon on a regular basis. Specialized teams of trainers or Survival Skills Instructors, consisting of current officers and supervisors, provide this training.  All instructors, except trainees, are certified by the Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training.

Training provides current information for specific jobs, develops skills to increase effectiveness and broadens each employee's knowledge base. This ultimately enhances career development and improves the work environment.