Frequently Used Forms

For your convenience, we created this centralized location for our frequently used forms, organized by type. You can also find each form on the relevant Building Program pages. We hope you find this page helpful in replacing or obtaining a needed form without having to visit our offices.

Guides and Handouts

As-Built Informational Handout
Carbon Monoxide Alarm Requirements
Electrical Plan Review Handout
Important Information Regarding Demolition & Remodel Work
Permit Fee Guide (Fee calculator located under quick links on the Building Safety main page)
Residential Energy Efficiency Handout
Residential Building Permits Handout
Residential Work Exempt from Building Permits
Commercial Work Exempt from Building Permits
Smoke Alarms in Residential Construction
Home Owners Electrical Permit Purchase Guide
Geo-Technical Hazards Notice


Building Permit 
Electrical Permit 
Mechanical Permit 
Plumbing Permit
Temporary Campground Permit
Holiday Farm Fire Temporary / Emergency RV

Forms and Requests

Additional Information Submittal Form 
As-Built Certification 
Cancellation / Refund Request
Contractor Information for Certificate of Occupancy
Contractor Responsibility Form
Building Permit Extension Request
Exterior Wall Enhanced Drainage
Exterior Wall Envelope Self-Certification Form
High-Efficiency Lighting Verification
Manufactured Home Installer Responsibility Form
Moisture Content Verification Form
Property Owner Authorization Form
Self-Certification of Outright Permitted Use for Solar Energy System