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What happens to a youth who is charged with a crime?

A youth charged with a crime or violation of law may not automatically be transported to the Lane County Youth Services detention facility. A youth may be cited and released, or arrested and released, by the officer. The police agency will then send a copy of the police report to Lane County Youth Services. Youth Services cannot act on a case until the police report has been received.

If the youth is taken into custody for a crime or violation and transported to the Youth Services detention facility, a decision will be made by the YS staff whether to detain the youth for court or to release the youth to a parent, guardian, responsible adult, or on their own recognizance. Youth who have been detained because of the severity of their action or their prior criminal record will be cited directly into court within thirty-six (36) hours of the arrest. If the youth is held for court, intake staff will contact the parent or guardian with the court date and time, if possible.

Parents are notified of the court dates for their youth. Every youth is provided with an experienced attorney to represent him/her in all court hearings. However, parents may hire another lawyer for their child if they wish.

There are some cases that will not be seen by Youth Services staff. For Eugene and Springfield youth, Youth Services does not intervene in cases of truancy and curfew violations. Runaway youth have not violated the law and cannot be detained unless there is danger to the youth.

Youth who are detained may have family visitors on Wednesday evenings and Sunday afternoons. Visitors must present identification. They cannot bring anything to the youth they are visiting. Detailed  information about Detention rules and additional information