Lane Regional Resiliency Collaborative

LRRC Stakeholders Meeting Materials
The LRRC stakeholders held a meeting on October 12, 2023 and received updates on the work that has been taking place and the work yet to come. Meeting materials are below.

Stakeholders Meeting Agenda
Project Overview Slides
Stakeholders Meeting Recording (176 MB file download)
Cascadia Subduction Zone Island Mapping Project (OREM)

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The Lane Regional Resiliency Collaborative (LRRC) is a regional cross-agency/cross-jurisdictional collaborative that is focused on pre-event hazard mitigation and risk reduction, and identifying opportunities for joint efforts. Though the focus of our work is on pre-event mitigation and risk reduction, we recognize that by working collaboratively on resilience prior to events we will strengthen relationships and set in motion efforts that will make response and recovery more efficient.

The collaborative effort kicked off with workshops in October and November 2019 featuring internationally renowned seismologist Dr. Lucy Jones attended by elected officials and staff from dozens of agencies across Lane County.

The Policy Lab, a partnership between Lane County and the University of Oregon, combined the feedback from stakeholders with research on collaborative models used in other regions to develop recommendations on the collaborative models that may be the best fit for our community. This work occurred between January and May 2020.

Work has continued behind-the-scenes with a core team of stakeholders since 2020. This group meets monthly to advance current projects, identify funding opportunities, and continue to develop creative and efficient solutions to challenges that overlap jurisdictional boundaries. The collaborative has already been proven to provide significant benefit to participants to include spanning boundaries across jurisdiction or service area, increased efficiency, stronger relationships, and enhanced resilience for our community.

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Current Projects

High Prairie Fire Evacuation Information -

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