Lane County grant supports Bi-Mart's new battery recycling program

Lane County grant supports Bi-Mart's new battery recycling program
Posted on 03/26/2024

Lane County-based Bi-Mart stores have launched a new 12-month pilot program that will provide households with a convenient and accessible way to safely recycle their batteries.


The initiative—which will effectively retrain the public on properly identifying and responsibly managing a new generation of batteries—is supported by a $6,000 grant provided by Lane County. 


Project funding will help Bi-Mart train its employees on battery identification, handling, and processing; purchase containers for battery collection, storage, and safe shipping; and market program information and educational materials for its customers. The pilot program accepts many single-use batteries, including widely used button and coin cell batteries, and most rechargeable batteries. 


Alkaline batteries should go in the trash.


“Recycling batteries makes a lot of business and environmental sense as batteries contain many metals needed for lithium-ion battery production— which is critical for things like electric vehicle adoption,” said Maya Buelow, Lane County waste reduction specialist. “Additionally, improper battery disposal can create health and safety risks, including fires that damage critical waste management infrastructure and put folks at risk.”


This new partnership with Bi-Mart will empower residents with educational materials that make battery recycling much easier and accessible said Michael Bassell, a buyer with Bi-Mart. 


“We here at Bi-mart are proud of our 20 years being a 100 percent employee-owned company,” said Bassell. “The recent launch of our battery recycling program in Lane County is just one aspect of how we can impact the communities we serve. We look forward to growing our sustainability impact in the Pacific Northwest.”


For a list of all the participating Bi-Mart stores, visit


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