Food Waste Prevention Week launches to champion regional food waste reduction efforts

Food Waste Prevention Week launches to champion regional food waste reduction efforts
Posted on 04/02/2024

Waste Wise Lane County—part of the Lane County Waste Management Division—and the City of Eugene are partnering with organizations and governments locally and nationwide during Food Waste Prevention Week (April 1-7) to reduce wasted food at home, work, and throughout Lane County communities. 


Efforts will focus on social media activities and outreach events in Eugene and Springfield in coordination with BRING and Sanipac. Additionally, mayors in Eugene and Springfield have made Food Waste Prevention Week proclamations.


Wednesday, April 3

PublicHouse, Springfield (418 A St.) | 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Enjoy live music, food, drink, and visit an information table staffed by local leaders from the City of Eugene, BRING, Sanipac, and Waste Wise Lane County, who will provide valuable insights on diverting food waste within our community.


Saturday, April 6

Lane County Farmers Market, Eugene (85 E 8th Ave) | 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Purchase fresh local produce, wares, delicious foods and stop by an information table staffed by local leaders from City of Eugene, BRING, Sanipac, and Waste Wise Lane County, who will share food waste diversion information.


“For people who worry about climate change, reducing food waste is one of the most powerful actions we can take to address the issue,” said Daniel Hiestand, Lane County waste reduction outreach coordinator. “It’s empowering to know that controlling what happens in your kitchen is not only great for the planet, it also saves money.”


Food waste facts

  • Tackling wasted food is integrated into Lane County’s Climate Action Plan and Solid Waste Management Plan.
  • Between 30 to 40 percent of food grown in the U.S. goes uneaten, and wasted food makes up nearly 20 percent of Lane County’s garbage stream.
  • A family of four can save an average of nearly $2,000 annually by eating all the food they buy. 
  • In Oregon, as much as 70 percent of all discarded food might have been eaten if it was stored well, not forgotten, or frozen for later use.
  • In the U.S., one in five people lacks consistent access to nutritious food, while up to 3 million tons of wasted food goes to landfills annually.


Follow the campaign on WasteWise Lane County’s Facebook and Instagram pages.


About Waste Wise Lane County

Waste Wise Lane County offers education, tools, and resources that residents, schools, and businesses can use to reduce waste, conserve resources, and live more sustainably. Learn more about Waste Wise Lane County tips to curb wasted food at


About City of Eugene Waste Prevention and Green Building

The City of Eugene Waste Prevention Program is dedicated to promoting sustainable waste management practices and fostering community partnerships to create a cleaner, healthier, and more prosperous environment for all residents. Through its regulatory oversight, educational initiatives, and community outreach efforts, the program strives to advance conservation as an essential community value and inspire collective action toward a greener future.  Learn more at


About Food Waste Prevention Week

From education to government agencies to nonprofits, Food Waste Prevention Week represents a variety of stakeholders across the food and environmental education sectors that share a passion for conserving food, saving families money, and supporting a healthier environment. Learn more at

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