Lane County ranks No. 1 on list of Oregon's healthiest employers for fourth year in a row

Lane County ranks No. 1 on list of Oregon's healthiest employers for fourth year in a row
Posted on 06/17/2024

Lane County has been recognized as the #1 healthiest employer in Oregon (1500-4999 employees) by the Portland Business Journal. 


The County’s dedication to wellness: 1) supports the reduction in health care related costs, allowing Lane County to invest more of its limited resources into direct services for the community, and 2) increases employee productivity, engagement, recruitment and retention. 


The Live Well Center, Lane County’s employee health and wellness center, continues to help employees maintain and improve their overall wellbeing at a reduced cost to the County. The County is continuously looking for low-cost, creative and effective ways of engaging employees in their personal wellbeing. Also, highlighted in the award is Lane County’s proactive approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion by examining internal structures, policies, and experiences through the lens of equity. 


“If, as an organization, we are going to be able to show up and provide critical services to our community, we need to also take care of our employees who provide those services,” said Lane County Chief Human Resources Officer Alana Holmes. “Lane County has consistently been investing in the health and wellbeing of our employees. From our employee wellness clinic, to physical activity challenges, to behavioral health supports, to improved childcare access, we have created a culture of wellness and belonging that seeks to meet every human need.”


In 2017, 2018 and 2019, Lane County was ranked third healthiest large employer in Oregon, and in 2018 was listed within the top 100 healthiest employers nationally. In 2020, Lane County was ranked second healthiest larger employer. In 2021, 2022 and 2023, Lane County was ranked the #1 healthiest larger employer and in 2022 was listed sixth on the healthiest 100 workplaces in America. 


Employers are ranked on six categories which include: culture and leadership commitment, foundational components, strategic planning, communication and marketing, programming and interventions, and reporting and analytics. There are five employer size categories: small (2-99 employees), medium (100-499), large (500-1499), larger (1500-4999), and largest (5000+). 


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