Parole & Probation

Together... Improving the quality of life in Lane County.

Together...Building a Better Community.

Mission Statement:
Improving the quality of life in Lane County by effectively responding to risk and promoting positive change.

Essential Duties of a Parole & Probation Officer: 

We believe that integrity is the key to both our reputation and the pursuit of our vision.  We adhere to the law enforcement code of ethics and the highest moral standards.  We acknowledge that we must be a learning organization, and that obtaining knowledge is paramount to continual improvement.  We will utilize the highest degree of professionalism in our interactions with clients, partners and community.  We also recognize that succeeding in our mission is dependent upon successful collaboration with our partners and community stakeholders.  We have a responsibility to exceed expectations that have been set, exercise self-restraint and be fair and equitable in the application of justice within our community. 

Through a balanced approach of accountability and rehabilitation, we will strive to achieve lasting community safety. We will recognize people as individuals. Working with individuals, we will assess risk, need and barriers.  We will work collaboratively with our clientele to develop a strength based plan that aims to navigate pro-social change.  We will work in tandem with our community partners to achieve the dosage required to promote optimal change in the lives of those we work with.  We are committed to prioritizing our resources to the highest risk population.  We will continually measure, evaluate and improve our practices to ensure that we are effective and responsive to the needs of victims, clientele and the community.  We will always strive to do better. We will represent our profession with the highest standards and treat all people with dignity, respect, courtesy, fairness and understanding.  We will work to make Lane County accessible and responsive to a wide range of needs and interests.  We will promote flexible, creative, solution-oriented approaches to resolve problems and meet needs. We will strive to restore those impacted by crime and encourage clientele to take responsibility for the harm they cause.  We will be responsive to victims and restitution. We recognize that it is our responsibility to manage our time and resources to maximize services provided to the public.