Engineering Mckenzie Schools Mitigation Retrofit

Engineering Services: FEMA HMGP- McKenzie Schools Mitigation Structural Retrofit

Posted on:2024/05/23 | Entity:County Administration | Category:Professional Services | Type:RFP

Project Overview. Briefly, the work of the RFP includes engineering study and design for a structural retrofit project which will improve the resiliency and survivability of the McKenzie School District campus buildings for multiple hazards. This project is governed by FEMA Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) regulations, and engineering standards and project deliverables are to be prepared to FEMA specifications. The engineering work will include conducting an advanced Benefit-Cost Analysis (BCA) which incorporates engineering and architectural analysis, and an advanced environmental assessment based on the specific project design.

McKenzie Schools Engineering RFP.pdf

Engineering Services FEMA HMGP McKenzie Schools Addendum 1

McKenzie Schools Construction Map

Engineering Services FEMA HMGP McKenzie Schools Addendum 2.pdf

Engineering Services FEMA HMGP McKenzie Schools Addendum 3.pdf

Intent to Award FEMA HMGP McKenzie School Retrofit.pdf


Deadline for Submissions: 2024/07/01 17:00:00
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