Lane County Human Services Releases 2017 Annual Homeless Point in Time (PIT) Count

Lane County Human Services Releases 2017 Annual Homeless Point in Time (PIT) Count
Posted on 05/26/2017

2017 Annual Homeless Point in Time Count

1,529 people were counted during Lane County‘s 2017 Annual Point in Time Count

This number includes homeless community members who were counted in a myriad of locations including the streets, under bridges, in parks, at food pantries, day access centers, schools, churches, emergency shelters, and transitional housing programs for homeless persons on January 25, 2017.  146 staff and volunteers from 32 organizations assisted.   

Of the 1,529 people counted:

  • 442 individuals were staying in Emergency Shelter
  • 84 individuals were living in Transitional Housing (up to 24 months) designated for people who are homeless
  • 1,003  men, women, and children were without shelter
  • Total 1,529 individuals 

 Highlights of the count:

  • 269 family members in homeless households with children; 153  sheltered; 116 unsheltered
  • 164 homeless veterans: 44 sheltered; 120 unsheltered  
  • 640 chronically homeless people: 143 sheltered; 497 unsheltered
  • 435 people have a mental illness
  • 254 people have chronic alcohol/substance abuse issues 
  • 9 unaccompanied homeless youth (under 18)

 Other Factors

  • 12,998 individuals who were homeless sought social services through Lane County Human Services Division funded programs during Calendar Year (CY) 2016.
  • 1,616 unduplicated individuals were served at the St. Vincent de Paul Egan Warming Center during 24 nights of the winter season at 14 faith-based sites, the Lane Events Center’s Wheeler Pavilion, and Lane Community College during the 2016-17 winter season.
  • 2,156 homeless and precariously housed students attended public school in Lane County during the 2015-16 school year (Oregon Dept. of Education).
  • 253 homeless youth were served at the Looking Glass New Roads Access Center, (ages 16-21) during CY 2016.
  • 199 youth stayed at Station 7 (under age18):  131 runaway and 68 homeless youth during CY 2016.
  • 2,470 people stayed at the Eugene Mission during CY 2016. 

Unique to This Year’s Count

  • 5% increase of overall count between the 2016 and 2017 Counts (a 32% decrease from 2011 to 2017).
  • 741 formerly homeless people live in permanent housing designated for homeless people on the night of the count.

Cost of Homelessness (updated October 2016, Lane County Human Services Division)

  • Homelessness affects all Lane County residents because people without shelter may require costly support services:
  • $237-$1,900 cost of a visit to the Sacred Heart Hospital Emergency Room –Riverbend and University District
  • $2,613-$3,045 daily cost of care at Sacred Heart’s In-Patient Behavioral Health Unit,  acute psychiatric care
  • $800-$1,500 cost of visit to McKenzie-Willamette Hospital Emergency Room
  • $650 daily cost of in-patient detoxification services at Willamette Family Treatment‘s Buckley Center
  • $171 daily cost per inmate at the Lane County Jail
  • $87 daily cost per inmate at the Springfield Jail 



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