Homeless Management Information System (HMIS)

WellSky Community Services is the Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) vendor for OR-500 Eugene/Springfield/Lane County Continuum of Care (CoC). WellSky was formerly called ServicePoint. More information is available on our What is HMIS? page.

Need Help with HMIS?

If you are a provider, please email
[email protected]

or visit our FreshDesk website for training guides

OR-500 HMIS Staff

Melissa Coloma, HMIS System Administrator

[email protected]
Desk: 541-682-3322
Cell: 541-510-4127

Carly Walker, HMIS Supervisor
[email protected] 
Cell: 541-255-6496

WellSky Privacy Documents

The Privacy Sign is intended to inform clients of the uses and disclosures regarding their information in the WellSky Community Services system. The sign must be posted in the lobby and at work stations where clients are served. The complete Privacy Notice to clients must be made available to the client at the client's request.  ALL PROGRAMS/AGENCIES USING WellSky are REQUIRED TO POST THIS SIGN

ROI - Data Sharing 


WellSky User License

At this time, Lane County is purchasing WellSky User licenses for agencies in the Lane County continuum. The number of licenses purchased is determined by Lane County considering number of sites, clients at a point in time, and volume of services delivered daily. 

New Users are required to complete a LC HMIS User Agreement Code of Ethics which is witnessed/signed by their supervisor.  The agreement must be submitted to Lane County through the agencies Agency Admin. 

If the users role in the agency will be an Agency Admin.  The user must also complete the LC HMIS Agency Administrator Agreement and submit to Lane County 

Staff must be registered through the HMIS System Administrator in order to attend this Orientation