Selection Process

Thank you for considering employment opportunities with Lane County!

Job Openings:
Positions with Lane County are posted every Friday at 8:00 am, for occupations such as: management, professional, clerical/accounting support, law enforcement, nursing, mental health, juvenile counseling, maintenance, engineering/surveying and programming/technical support, to name a few.

Job Information and Internet Access:
Human Resources staff are available to assist applicants by providing information on recruitment processes, feedback on application and interview processes, or simply to answer general questions.

If you are interested in additional information regarding these services, please contact us at (541) 682-3637.

Who can apply?
Most jobs at Lane County are filled through an open, competitive process. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to apply for Lane County employment. In some cases, Lane County may only accept employment applications from eligible internal County employees. Internal jobs are clearly designated as such on the job announcement.

What happens with your employment application after a job closes?
Lane County receives a large number of employment applications for all job openings. All applications receive thorough consideration, in accordance with applicable laws, regulations, and contractual agreements. Because the application and supplemental questionnaire are the main tools used in the screening process, it is essential that all applicants read and follow instructions and supply the requested information as accurately, and completely, as possible.

Please note résumés, cover letters, Curriculum Vitae, or other documents are not part of the initial selection process, unless the job announcement specifically requests, they be attached.

Steps in the Selection Process:
A. The initial step in the selection process involves making sure applicants have submitted all of the required materials, as specified in the recruitment announcement. Incomplete applications are disqualified at this step in the selection process and will be notified via an electronic notification from

B. The next step in the selection process involves a thorough review of all of the applications remaining from Step A. Human Resources staff utilize information provided on the employment application for the purpose of ascertaining whether applications meet the minimum qualifications for the job. Human Resources staff do NOT review the supplemental questionnaire, résumé, or cover letter. Please ensure that your employment application clearly and thoroughly articulates your relevant experience, education, skills, abilities, and any certifications or licenses (if required), for the specific job for which you are applying.

C. Applicants whose applications are no longer under consideration will be notified at this point in the selection process via an electronic notification from

D. The next step in the selection process is completed by the hiring department. Only the applications meeting the minimum qualifications in Step B are considered. The supplemental materials of the remaining applicants are scored and ranked. The purpose of the supplemental scoring of materials is to gather specific information about an applicant’s education and experience as it relates to the available position. It is essential to be thorough when completing the supplemental materials. The department scorers do NOT review the employment application. Please be sure your responses to the questions in the supplemental questionnaire clearly and thoroughly emphasize your relevant experience, education, skills, abilities, and any certifications/licenses for the specific job, etc.

E. Once all applications have been scored, Human Resources staff ranks them according to scores provided from the supplemental materials received during step D. Human Resources staff determine which applicants will be contacted for interviews. Candidates NOT moving forward after this stage will be notified electronically via

Please note: In some cases, due to contractual obligations with our collective bargaining units, only internal applicants may be interviewed.

F. The top candidates, as determined in step E, are contacted for interview(s) and/or further screening by the hiring department. Note that in some cases additional testing may be required prior to, during, or after the interviews. Applicants must pass those. tests to remain eligible for employment.

G.  Human Resources staff conduct a wage analysis for the final candidate, in order to determine placement within the salary range in accordance with the Oregon Equal Pay Act. The analysis includes relevant prior work experience, relevant education, and previous employment at Lane County (seniority.)  The salary range listed for positions in postings and on Lane County’s compensation plan reflect the full approved range of pay.  For most positions, initial salary placement will be between step 1 and step 6 in the salary range, depending on the amount of prior relevant worked experience and education beyond the minimum qualifications for the position.  Advancement to the top of the range is based on seniority at Lane County and is attainable through merit/step increases as described in Lane County’s collective bargaining agreements and Administrative Procedures Manual.  

H. Once an offer of employment is extended and/or accepted, the rest of the candidates who applied are notified they are not moving forward in the process via an electronic notification from

Application Review Process and Notification:
Human Resources staff review many applications, and we ask for your patience in allowing us to thoroughly evaluate each of them. It is our goal to screen postings for minimum qualifications immediately following the posting closing (no longer than three business days).

County Diversity Commitment:
Lane County recognizes that a greater understanding and acceptance of cultural perspectives can only improve our services to the community and enrich the quality of our workforce. Lane County is committed to reflecting the diversity of our community. Individuals from diverse cultures are strongly encouraged to consider career opportunities with the County.

Equal Employment Opportunity:
Lane County is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We value diversity, equity, and inclusion as essential elements that create and foster a welcoming workplace.  All qualified persons will be considered for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, political affiliation, disability or any other factor unrelated to the essential functions of the job.

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