Application Instructions

Application Process at Lane County Government

To apply for a position with us, please ensure that your employment application, supplemental questionnaire, and any other required materials are submitted to our Career Pages by the deadline specified in the job posting.

Key Points to Remember

We do not accept applications or supplemental questionnaires via fax.
Some of our positions are listed as "open until filled" rather than having a specific closing date. For these positions, we advise submitting your application materials promptly, as Lane County may close these openings at any time without prior notice.

We look forward to receiving your application and appreciate your interest in joining our team!

Maximize Your Application's Impact – Helpful Tips
Take Your Time: Your application is your first impression. Given the competitive nature of our openings, it's essential to be thorough and detailed.

Review Before Submitting: Double-check your application for completeness and accuracy. Remember, once submitted, no further edits can be made.
Check for Errors: Pay close attention to spelling and grammar. These details matter and contribute to the overall professionalism of your application.
Seek a Second Opinion: Consider having someone else review your application. A fresh pair of eyes can offer valuable feedback and help ensure clear communication.
Complete All Fields: Please fill out all sections of the application form. Indicating "see résumé" is not a substitute for a complete application. While résumés are valuable, they should only be attached if specifically requested, as we focus primarily on the application form itself.

By following these tips, you can create a strong and effective application. We look forward to your submission and are excited about the possibility of you joining our team!

Application Essentials: Key Points to Ensure Success

Understand the Requirements: Every recruitment announcement has specific criteria focusing on the required experience, training, and any special requisites.
Showcase Your Qualifications: It’s crucial that your employment application clearly demonstrates how you meet these minimum qualifications. We want to see how your experience and skills align with the role's requirements.
The Role of the Supplemental Questionnaire: Your supplemental questionnaire is a valuable tool for us to understand your qualifications in depth. However, it's important to note that we'll only consider your questionnaire if your initial application clearly meets the minimum qualifications.

Take the time to present your qualifications effectively in your application. We look forward to discovering how your skills and experience make you the perfect candidate for the role!

Maximize Your Chances: Tips for a Compelling Employment Application

Understand the Job Announcement: Thoroughly read the job announcement. Note all the specific requirements and instructions. This is your roadmap to a successful application.

Detail Your Relevant Experience: In the qualifications section, clearly illustrate how your background aligns with the job requirements. Be specific about your experience, whether in employment or volunteer roles. Remember to:

  • List each job separately, even if they were with the same organization.
  • Include all relevant experiences, paid or unpaid.
  • Avoid industry jargon or acronyms that may not be universally understood.

Complete the Application Form Thoroughly

Be Timely: Submit your application by the deadline mentioned in the job posting. Keep in mind that Lane County operates on Pacific Time.

  • Fill in every section of the application form.
  • When indicating hours worked, provide an average number per week rather than 'varies'.
  • Focus on listing jobs and experiences that directly relate to the position you are applying for.

By following these guidelines, you can create a strong application that effectively showcases your suitability for the role. We look forward to reviewing your application and learning more about your qualifications!

Key Strategies for an Impactful Supplemental Questionnaire

Understand Its Importance: Your responses in the supplemental questionnaire are crucial for the hiring department to rank candidates who meet the minimum qualifications.

Preparation is Key: Before tackling the questions, review your past job descriptions, duties, accomplishments, and performance appraisals. This refresher can significantly enhance the quality of your answers. Aim to demonstrate how your background aligns closely with the position's requirements.

Complete and Specific Responses: Answer every question fully. If a question is not applicable to you, simply write "N/A."

Focus on your individual achievements and responsibilities. Describe your specific role and the results you achieved.

Don't hesitate to repeat information if it's relevant to different questions. Each response is evaluated separately.

Be clear and factual. Stick to relevant details and avoid straying into unrelated theories or philosophies.

Clearly identify and number each part of your response, especially for multi-part questions.

Use Clear Language: Avoid over-reliance on jargon or acronyms. If you use acronyms, explain them fully to ensure clarity.


  • Carefully read each question and ensure your experience matches the asked criteria.
  • Relate your experience directly to the job you're applying for.
  • Include all relevant details in your answers.
  • Ensure employer/title/dates are accurately provided when requested.
  •  Write "N/A" where appropriate.
  • Provide thorough descriptions of your work experience.


  • Avoid using "see résumé" as a response. Your answers should be self-contained.
  • Never leave questions unanswered. If irrelevant, write "N/A."
  • Ensure your answers are complete and consistent with your employment history.
  • Provide a comprehensive work history as required, typically covering the last ten years.
  • Refrain from including personal details like SSN, gender, age, etc., in the application (except on the EEO form, where appropriate).

Your thoughtful and detailed responses on the supplemental questionnaire can significantly enhance your candidacy. We look forward to your insightful inputs and learning more about your qualifications!

If you have questions that are not addressed here, please contact Lane County Talent Acquisition at (541) 682-3637.

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