Lane County Career Development Resource Center

Welcome to Lane County's Career Development Resource Center! 

As a Lane County employee, or prospective employee, we want to provide you with resources to assist you in your career development. 

Here at Lane County you own your development. Your supervisor and the County will support you to the extent it is possible, however there may be aspects of career development you pursue on your own. This site is here to assist you in learning about yourself and what may be next.

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Career Development Resource Center –
  • Learn – Learn about myself.
  • Build – How to build skills and knowledge.
  • Grow – How to pursue opportunities.

This resource is meant to create clarity around career development at the County -

  • Awareness of what career development opportunities are available.
  • Supervisor support and education.
  • Continued exploration of job rotations, internal postings/recruitiments. 
  • Build awareness around the language of career development.

Emerging Leaders Program

The Lane County Emerging Leaders Program is designed to provide leadership and supervisory training to employees who are not yet in supervisory roles. The goals of the program are:

  • Provide career development training and experiences for employees.
  • Provide foundational skills that would reduce the time to competency if selected for a position.
  • Bolster internal talent to address workforce planning efforts.

The program will be selective in that employees must express interest in the opportunity through a short application and their Supervisor or a Manager must provide a recommendation on the provided form.

Lane County has hosted three cohorts of Emerging Leaders from across departments and divisions. Of those 84 graduates, over 50% have had career movement since participating in the Emerging Leaders program! 

Emerging Leader Graduates
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Steve M

Rawlins Rikhoff Machado

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