Lane County Public Works Job Openings

Lane County Public Works is HIRING!

Public Works is currently RECRUITING.
for the following positions:

Want to Become a Master Recycler? Check out this Video with Kelly Bell, Lane County's Master Recycler Program Coordinator!

To apply for the program, please visit: 2023 Master Recycler Program Application

Mission Statement
To maintain and enhance the livability and sustainability of Lane County's natural and built environments by providing safe and cost effective public infrastructure and related services

The Department's 340 full time, 363 extra help, and 39 seasonal employees:

  • Maintained 1,400 miles of roads and 420 bridges
  • Secured $5.3 million in grant funding
  • Disposed of 224,411 tons of solid waste at Short Mountain Landfill
  • Booked more than 18,500 nights camped
  • Brought in over 785,000 event attendees
  • Brought in 2,520 event days at the fairgrounds
  • Issued 1,900 building permits Issued 777 land-use permits
  • Provided usage of 390 light duty vehicles and 202 heavy equipment units 

  • Check out this video of the Public Works Road Maintenance Division in ACTION!

    Check out these videos of the Public Works Waste Management Division in ACTION!
    Glenwood Transfer Station

    Short Mountain Landfill

    Lane County is the primary multi-purpose government for Lane County, Oregon. The County was founded in 1851 and stretches from the beaches of the Pacific Ocean to the snow-covered slopes of the Cascade Mountain Range. Lane County Government operates under a home rule charter approved by voters in 1962. Five non-partisan commissioners elected from county districts are the policy-makers and are accountable to voters for the overall operation of county government. Commissioners appoint a County Administrator who serves as the chief executive and oversees five departments including: Public Works, Health & Human Services, Technology Services, County Operations & Administration, and Human Resources. The County is organized into program-based departments. Several of the departments are headed by county-wide elected officials including the Sheriff, District Attorney, Justice Courts, and Assessor. Lane County currently has over 2,000 full-time, part-time, and temporary employees.


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