Onboarding Instructions

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ONBOARD Frequently Asked Questions for New Hires!

Can't access NEOGOV/Getting error message when clicking on emailed Link?
Please click on the link from a Google browser window, and it should prompt you to create a password when you enter your email address. If that doesn't happen, please follow these instructions:

From the Google browser window in the tool bar, click on the ellipsis icon (the three …) and select SETTINGS.

Under PRIVACY & SECURITY, clear the following:
•    Browsing data
•    Cookies and other site data

What if I still can't log in using the link?

Links are only good for 48 hours! PLEASE log in using link ASAP.
Request new link from [email protected]

What are Checklist requirements for Rehires?

ALL new hire paperwork needs to be completed for REHIRES.

Can I delete/remove an assigned task and/or expired tasks?

No. Only a System Administrator can delete tasks.

Why does the I-9 show as “In Progress” despite the employee completing section one?

The "In Progress" status indicates that our HR team is currently verifying compliance with 
all federal regulations, and it will remain so until this process is completed at New Employee Orientation.

What ABSOLUTELY must be completed in Onboard for me to be Hired?

To ensure a successful onboarding process, please complete all forms with a due date that falls on or before your start date. These forms are essential to start your employment.

Having trouble uploading documents to NeoGov?

You may EMAIL a Badge Photo to: [email protected] if you run into issues uploading!


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